Well A Journey North our fourth dinner was a success again!This time the cooking was done by yours truly with my buddy Clayton and Nayo helping me out for a fantastic evening!OC Notes was on the turntables with Evan Floyd Barnes playing the upright bass entertaining the guest all evening!Tamarind braised goat leg with cous cous,Lamb Tartare served with crostini,or black cod with red chermoula puree rainbow chard and celey leaf salad were just a couple dishes of the seven course 5 cocktail dinner that was at a private location in Seattle.Pairings were provided by bartender Jawn while the venue was provided to us by David!Photos were done by Kariba making the whole evening look like an intimate setting.Thank you to everyone involved for making a beautiful evening and thank you to all the guest for supporting us for every event they’ve come to.Stay tuned for more events as the music keeps on playing and the food keeps coming!CIAO!Image

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