Tha Def Chef aka #TurnoverKing and Chef Tarik Abdullah are bringing brunch back again Jaam Rek!This time with a twist!First we are opening at 8am serving Def Chef’s Breakfast menu till 1045 am then switching to our brunch at 11am till 3pm! PROH MIC will be spinning the jams at 11!So come down for a bite or to say wassup! Peace!
Def Chef’s Grub

**Each comes with multi-grain toast or country pan toast**

Homer Harris $5
(Steel cut oats, toasted pecans, apple compote, cream)

“The Luvn” $6
(House made quiche assorted mushrooms, caramelized sweet onions, shallots, five spice, greens)

Med Stack $9
Coriander pancakes, harissa, smoked Gouda scrambled eggs
(Toasted pecans, and apple compote, rose syrup, gluten free)

John Stanford $10
(Spiced jumbo shrimp and grits)

Black and Tan $10
Smoked Gouda scrambled eggs, grits, Tasso ham, chicken Andouille sausage, smoked chicken, peppers, onions

Tha Def Chef $10
Chicken and Waffle, smoked Gouda scrambled eggs
(Deep-fried chicken wings, buttermilk waffle, apple compote)

Morning Star Cafe

Fruit Bowl
(Honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwi, almonds, sumac)

Indian Coriander Pancakes (3)
*Gluten free*
(Toasted pecans, and apple compote, rose syrup)

El Greco Hash browns, Zaatar scrambled eggs, Harissa lamb sausage

Tha Def Chef’s
Chicken and Waffles w/Scrambled eggs
(Deep fried chicken wings, buttermilk waffle, apple compote)

Lamb hash w/Zaatar scrambled eggs
*Vegetarian available*

Hash browns $5
½ order pancakes $4
Harissa sausage $4
Scrambled eggs $4
Side chicken $5
Mini apple tart with Qalat Daqqa whip cream $3 ea. or 2 for $5

OJ $2
Coffee $2

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