Alot of you may know that i love cooking especially lamb!Chops,tenderloin,lamb leg etc.Not only that i also love working with the youth ,both play a major role in my life.And with that i met with local burger chain Lil Woodys to collaborate on a burger of the week.

The answer: a slow braised spiced lamb,kalamata olive ,mama lil,preserve lemon tapanade,grilled tomatoes,feta,lettuce and date molasses. YES ITS THE REAL DEAL YALL!

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So every burger sold $1 goes towards the Community Arts Create (CAC) of the Hillman City Collaboratory a community center focused on social justice and educating the youth and also house In The Kitchen with Chef T, my junior culinary program for kids ages 6-14.My student/junior cook Moses is in the pic above.I highly recommend grabbing one because its only around for one week starting today!

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