This weekend i debuted a new menu at Morning Star and it went pretty well!On a rainy day ,with the Seahawks on the road business picked up a bit.The crab brioche was a hit! Wilted greens,roasted tomatoes,and black eye peas,toasted brioche coin with a bed of jumbo lump crab on top,covered in a Garam masala hollandaise.I felt really good about this dish considering it was never tested,alot of that has to do with that good ole gut feelin about a dish,I LOVE BEING A CHEF!Also on the menu that was good was cumin scented quinoa,with roasted veggies tossed in Chermoula with a fried egg also did well.Now with three solid rotational menus this is a good way to entice people with new flavors and to not get them bored. Junior Chef Mia was under the weather so we had new addition to the crew,Christopher,17 from TAF Academy,and he had a great time!Nice job Christopher!Lookin forward to the next brunch on December 20th.You gonna be there?


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Brunch Brunch Brunch!!!!

 Yup yup we are back at it this sunday at Bannister on 18th and Union. 1408 18th ave .seattle wa. 98122 to be exact. 10am-3pm come on through for a morning of beautiful people great artwork music and really good food! #WhosHungry #MorningStar...

Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners conference

Being in the culinary industry has taught me alot with alot more to learn.For instance,the "farm to table" which is a quite popular term,has taught me about not only respecting our fruits and vegetables but to also respect its origin,the farmer.Without the farmer the...

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