Chef Tarik Abdullah

Chef Tarik’s cuisine is inspired by the tastes and flavors of his childhood, growing up in a Muslim family and broader community where ethnic foods were the norm. His culinary creations honor traditions from North Africa and the Mediterranean.

 “You might recognize Chef Tarik Abdullah from ABC’s “The Taste,” a competitive cooking show on which he spent six episodes winning Anthony Bourdain’s favor earlier this year. He has earned a reputation as an artist and innovator, and his pop-up brunches in South Seattle have a cult-like following. Abdullah, a Seattle native, has been juxtaposing cook and entertainment for as long as he can remember. He launched the pop-ups after leaving his cooking post at Serafina.”– Seattle Weekly


Appearances & Collaborations:

Dinner Pop-Ups  |  Crafted Around Mediterranean & Caribbean Cuisine  | Found Throughout Seattle Neighborhoods

 “Pop-ups, pop-ups, pop-ups! It’s been about five years since I started, and it’s been a really interesting and fulfilling ride. From different locations, various crew members, new concepts, varying shifts, the smiles on guests’ faces, incredible support from the community and media, and the evolving food and menus — it’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve never regretted any of it. Sometimes I feel like a veteran with the pop-ups because this type of thing typically only runs for so long before you open a restaurant space or move on to other projects. So to the guests, both old and new, the supporters, foodies, and the Seattle community… I want to thank you for being part of this beautiful culinary and musical experience we’ve created together. Thank you. May your mind and belly be blessed.” – Chef Tarik Abdullah

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