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Brunch Brunch Brunch!!!!

 Yup yup we are back at it this sunday at Bannister on 18th and Union. 1408 18th ave .seattle wa. 98122 to be exact. 10am-3pm come on through for a morning of beautiful people great artwork music and really good food! #WhosHungry #MorningStar... read more

Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners conference

Being in the culinary industry has taught me alot with alot more to learn.For instance,the “farm to table” which is a quite popular term,has taught me about not only respecting our fruits and vegetables but to also respect its origin,the farmer.Without the... read more

Bomb Brunch and some.

The Morning Star crew did it again!Another full house of happy guests,beautiful art, good music and great food!!As a bonus i added a new addition to the team.Not only did one of my closest friends Michael Darby joined us, but one of my students Mia Cha who is 11 will... read more

Morning Star

I may be from Seattle and that we have a great football team,but if i had a choice between some bomb food or watch a game i’ll take the food!So yesterday we hosted brunch at Bannister and had a good turnout despite of the home game.A full crew full of happy and... read more

Midnight Mecca&Morning Star:the beginning and the return

Pop ups,pop ups, and pop ups.Its been about 5 years since i first started ,and i’ll tell you its been an interesting yet fun ride.From the different locations,various crew members,the changing of concepts,the starting and stopping,slow shifts and busy shifts,the... read more

Whos Hungry?

Thats right everyone brunch is officially back with a menu and and a new look!Stay tuned for details the next two days,i promise you,you wont be disappointed! #morningstarcafe #adjandacook #Brunch #whoshungry read more

Chefs,authors,and food=Food Literacy Month

In the State of Washington,September is Food Literacy Month,and with that,numerous projects,events,activities have been going on all month throughout the city.Tonight at the central library authors and chef came together as a panel to discuss our thoughts on food and... read more

I T K begins this saturday!!!

Well after summer classes were a success and a month and a half of downtime In the Kitchen with Chef T. will be starting this saturday.And with the demand and the popularity of the class we had to make some changes.There will be two age groups 6-10 from 10am-12pm and... read more

Find it Fix It and Hillman City

A little over a year ago Mayor Ed Murray initiated Find it Fix it Community Walks,a series of walks led by the Mayor ,city officials,neighbors and business owners.These walks are to help improve neighborhoods,by identifying the problem (overgrown trees,graffiti etc.)... read more


So after i taped The Taste last summer,Vice Munchies contacted me to be their host for their new segment :Guide to Washington.I was nervous but also my first time ever doing anything like this!I had a great crew and had a great time doing things i’ve never... read more

Return of the Mecca:Midnight that is!

Yup Midnight mecca is coming back this sunday!We’re gonna be at Island Soul Restaurant in Columbia City .Its also the Columbia City’s Beatwalk featuring musicians playing on the streets from 2pm-9pm.we’ll open up right after that and go till midnight... read more

Been a loong time

Hey everyone i know its been a long time, my social media work is a bit slow as you can see,but its time for updates.So i want to apologize for the non communication but i will get it back in order,so let’s go!! read more

In the Kitchen With Chef T

So i started teaching kids cooking about 15 years ago.I felt that i wanted to do more than work behind the line,basically find my true calling.After leaving Cicchetti and moving back to Hillman City I found a space to start my new venture.After the first the run of... read more

Cooking and kids

Hey hey hey hey!It’s been awhile and the reason for that is i’ve been teaching kids cooking at the Hillman City Collaboratory.So saturday mornings I’ve been teaching 7-10 year olds for 2 hours about the basics of cooking and using my Mediterranean... read more

We’re back !!!!!!!! And still in the south end!!

Brunch is BACK!!!It has been a while and we are finally back and ready to serve yall a good time! This Sunday, March 15th at Huarachitos. The Morning Star team is new with Guest Chef Blak Washington working alongside and ready to #feedthepeople. DJ Barry Blendiana... read more

Seahawk Super Bowl Sunday Menu!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats right our Seahawks are headed to the big dance again!And in honor of them representing us in the super bowl i will be providing a order and pick up limited menu.There are some great choices!Who’s hungry? All orders must be place by 12PM on Saturday,... read more

Happy folk at MSC !!

Sunday was another good day for Morning Star Cafe and for our Seahawks as well!Thank you for supporting good food and our blue and green!‪ Deep fried french toast cherry cranberry compote with coriander syrup and citrus salad,and the housemade biscuits with zaatar... read more

Happy New Year!! Morning Star Cafe Debut

Hello everyone!Hope you brought in the new year with a bang and positive vibes,because i did! Yesterday was the first brunch of the year at our permanent location La isla del Mojito in Hillman City.With a team of six, Morning Star had a packed house from open to close... read more

Made it past episode 3!

Last night i had to work so i did not get the chance to watch but i did watch a clip.I won! Got a gold star from Anthony Bourdain so i’m still on the show and you can see me next week to see if i make it through.Team Tony still has four so does Team Ludo but who... read more

I made it on The Taste!

So back in September i went to LA to audition for the competition tv show The Taste on abc. Featuring Marcus Sammuelson Nigella Lawson Ludo LeFevbre and Anthony Bourdain. A blind taste in a spoon,one bite to win $100,000! And the verdict i made Anthony... read more

Alot new changes!

Pop ups pop ups,pop ups!There are pros and cons when comes to them!Pros:Its temporary,you’re in and out,no large bills,or the usual that deals with a brick and mortar.Cons:consistent space,looking for a space,storage space etc.Well hopefully all of that will... read more

Back in Hillman City!!!!!!

It feels so good to be back Hillman City!After a couple conversations with the Owner of La Isla de Mojito we will be there this sunday opening at 9am till 3pm.With having a real commercial kitchen,plenty of seating,and TV’S ,we will serving up delicious dishes... read more

Tougo Coffee

So after having to move all of sudden,we found a new spot,Tougo Coffee Shop off of 18th and Union.Right next door to Tougo is its neighboring sibling Bannister.The owner Brian Wells just opened the wine/charcuterie bar a few weeks with Sundays and Mondays closed.After... read more

New location this sunday November 16th!

We have a new location this SUNDAY! Join us at Tougo Coffee off of 18th and union st. We will serve the standard menu with 2 specials. The Menu: Muesli-Medjool dates, toasted walnuts, Qalat Dukkah coconut cream*$6 EL Quiche-Mediterranean spiced roasted vegetables,... read more

Permanent space for the month of November!

Great news!Morning Star Cafe will be at Mt.Baker Art Lofts serving brunch 11am-3pm on the following Sunday dates for November.The menu will have some staples but will rotate new dishes each brunch!Hope to see you there! ‪#‎feedthepeople‬ ‪#‎adjandacook‬... read more

Morning Star Brunch this Sunday!!!

Tha Def Chef aka #TurnoverKing and Chef Tarik Abdullah are bringing brunch back again Jaam Rek!This time with a twist!First we are opening at 8am serving Def Chef’s Breakfast menu till 1045 am then switching to our brunch at 11am till 3pm! PROH MIC will be... read more

Midnight Mecca Is BACK!!!!!!!!!

Late night eating with Tha Def Chef aka #TurnoverKing and Tarik is back!Next friday at La Bodega Seattle with music and a new menu! I missed Midnight Mecca i hope yall did too!See yall there!PEACE! Here’s the menu,Who’s Hungry? Midnight Mecca Patties... read more


Ok! Brunch has been going pretty good and the buzz just keeps going!We have a new location this Sunday!We’ll be at Jaam Rek Studios 2000 S. Jackson.Located in the heart of the central district,yours truly and my main man Jimaine Miller aka Def Chef will serving... read more

New Pop Up Location this Sunday

Hello all it’s been awhile!Outta town on work but i’m back and ready to please bellies!So as you know i started my brunch pop up Morning Star Cafe located in my neighborhood of Hillman City,serving mediterranean style brunch dishes.Well with the weather... read more

Morning Star Cafe pop up in Hillman City!!

Morning Star Cafe Sign So as some of you know i used to live in the University District,home of college kids,cheap eats,and bars.Well after a couple years it was time to move.After a close friend of mine bought a house in Hillman City i jumped right on that!So where... read more

I’m retired and back!

Well everyone you are all wondering whats been going on the last few months.Well with cicchetti being my main focus thats all ive been doing.Well after 24 years of knives,cuts,beautiful dishes,cooks,different chefs i’m finally stepping down and pursuing my own... read more

pop up pop up pop up!

Presents MIDNIGHT MECCA CAFÉ Friday, June 13th 100 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle, WA 98104 Late Night eats Serving Mediterranean and Caribbean small plates, Chefs Tarik Abdullah, Jimaine Miller and Ariella Bangs Opening at 10 pm -3am! (That’s right, 3am!)   The place is... read more


Well our masquerade ball was success!This location we took over in Capitol hill area was beautiful!Everyone came with a mask and the chosen colors for the night!Our team consisting of Jessica,Nam,Bryan,Jordan,Kenny,Lila,and Will all came together like voltron and put... read more


That’s right everyone a pop up is in the works and it’s gonna be big! So stay tuned…… oh here’s one of the dishes. Harissa braised lamb cheek,chermoula,pomagranate red rice,gremolata.That sounds really good!Who’s... read more

Caribbean Bbq……

So yep that was the cuisine of choice at this last one!Jerk chicken,curry goat,curry lamb,jerk fish with escovitch,roti,pepper shrimp ginger rum punch,peanut punch and great music!OC Notes was on the decks spinning while 20 guests enjoyed a communal table of... read more

Number ten…..

well number ten is in the books!i had a great time as well as the guests did too.This time i took over a coffee shop and converted into a restaurant.The pop up restaurant is definately going to be a monthly event i’ll definately do!Seafood stew with clams... read more

Whats next?

Well that didn’t take long!i’m going to do something that no one has done when it comes to pop ups.Stay tuned………. read more

For the love of spice!

That’s right a spiced themed dinner for 23 lucky guests enjoying spices such as boharat,besar,sumac, and more!DJ Pho Sho was on the decks playin jams all evening !A beautiful communal table contained the harissa spiced duck breasts with fig demi and baby spring... read more

Next pop up

yep i smell food cookin i think april 28th might be the date.whos comin to dinner? read more

Morning Star Trade Route…….

Well our eighth pop up was a success!The theme this time around:pop up restaurant.We took ove a location on First Hill opened for three hours with 5 entrees and two desserts with sangria to drink.This was my first attempt at doing a restaurant and it went well!DJ... read more

3 weeks till the next pop up!

Thats right yall we’re about 3 weeks out till the first pop up of the year!So if you’re not on the guestlist be sure to send us your email!adjandacook@gmail.com This one coming up is going be alot of fun!hope to hear from... read more

Hey hey hey hey!

Its’ been a long time you all!First i want to apologize for not keeping the dinners going this year,but due to hectic work schedules and up and down health i had to take the rest of the year off and focus on myself.Now i’m in a better position and looking... read more

Cocktail anyone?

I felt like it was time to do something different.So instead of a sit down dinner,we did a pop up cocktail party.A Night of Art II featuring two bartender doing freestyle cocktails and two cooks putting out various delectable bites.With that there was a live art... read more

Number four!

Well A Journey North our fourth dinner was a success again!This time the cooking was done by yours truly with my buddy Clayton and Nayo helping me out for a fantastic evening!OC Notes was on the turntables with Evan Floyd Barnes playing the upright bass entertaining... read more

Number three !

Well we pulled it off again with our third dinner.At a secret location in capitol hill Chef Clayton Kinsey served up seven courses of divine culinary pleasures.He wanted to do the first dinner of the year so gathered his guests,they all came and enjoyed a beautiful... read more

Coming soon!

Hello to all and happy new year!I hop everyone had a great holiday and relaxed a bit.So after taking some time off due to hectic work schedules,we are back in 2012!Stay tuned in the next few days as for we will be posting pop up dinner dates,And yes they will stay on... read more

We’ll be back!

Hey everyone!Tarik here saying hello and letting you all know we are not done!We decided that due to the holiday season,our work schedules have increased a bit to keep us from putting on any events.But do not fear my fellow foodies,we shall be back at it again in... read more

Sketches of Spain………

Well we did it again!After a month and some change,we put on our second pop up dinner named “Sketches of Spain”. A spanish themed event full of beautiful guests,great music and unbelievable food.Tim Kennedy jazz trio provided the entertainment for 25... read more

A Night with Us……

We held our first pop-up dinner on the evening of July 24th. It was an incredible evening, the culmination of weeks of planning, sleepless preparation, and the collaboration of an extraordinary group of people. Three cooks teamed up to prepare a 15-course tasting... read more


Hello everyone and welcome. This blog will be the place where we post updates for our dinners, events, and any other projects we are working on. read more

Hello world!

Hello eveyone!Welcome to A DJ and a COOK website!We a group of talented people that have decided to come together and create a culinary musical experience for you.Who said music and food and of course drink isn’t the perfect marriage!We are here to promote not... read more
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